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***Striving for lasting change in the standard practices around keeping indoor environments safe and healthy.***

With broad experience in many areas, Liz brings meaningful perspective, technical skills, and knowledge to her work within the Environmental, Occupational Hygiene/Health and Hazardous Materials sectors. Liz is driven to play a role in facilitating the development of Occupational Hygiene and HAZMAT fields as associated legislation continues to evolve in New Zealand.

Liz has a background working across a broad range of sectors in America, Ireland, and New Zealand. Some significant work includes occupational hygiene exposure assessments, large-scale remediation plans across school districts, pollution index creation, environmental health management, soil surveying, and safe work plans.

***Family is everything to Liz. She believes that the time spent away from loved ones and personal life should be meaningful and leave behind good in her community.***



Geology & Environmental Science


(Certified Mold Inspector by ACAC)


Licensed Asbestos Assessor


Measurement of Hazardous Substances


International Certification in Asbestos Clearances


International Certification in Asbestos Surveys


Business Development Executive

***Committed to creating excellence and always striving for the best outcomes for her clients***

With a background in hospitality, marketing and administration, Bri brings a broad skill set to her role as the Business Development Executive.

As someone who thrives on structure, Bri implements systems and processes to create efficiencies to maximise outputs and her intention is always to leave a positive lasting impression on all who she interacts with.

photo of Bri

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