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Take a mould sample yourself with our all inclusive mould kit created by an experienced Indoor Environmentalist, sent straight to your door.

Kit includes:

  • Mould sample media
  • Detailed step by step instructions for collecting the sample
  • Packaging, shipping costs, and completed paperwork to send to laboratory
  • 15 min consultation and summary e-mail about your results with a professional


  • Analytical results can act as a screening assessment to determine or provide evidence that further inspection is or is not required by a qualified professional.

Avoid the extra costs of a site visit and sample handling from a contractor by doing your own screening sample(s).

  • Methodology for collecting the sample(s) reflects professional industry practice and the analysis is done with a ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory.
    • What does this mean? Results reflect an effective way to get useful and accurate results.

If you are unsure of:

  • How many samples, or
  • whether taking a surface sample would be beneficial or unnecessary to your situation, then

please e-mail admin@nzbuiltenvironment.co.nz

We are happy to help our clients understand whether or not they would benefit from taking their own sample(s).