Rental & Tenancy Dispute

Who is Responsible for Mould? The Tenant or the Landlord?

About the Service

Determining who is responsible for dealing with mould in a rental property generally comes down to working out the cause.

Many tenancy disputes involving mould are often unsuccessful due to either the tenant/landlord or inexperienced inspectors’ inability to find contamination sources and assess the building’s science.

Home Mould inspection assessment


  • Types of Mould/Bacteria present and potential health impacts 
  • Sources and causes of contamination – water ingress, hidden 
  • Moisture mapping 
  • Safety to occupy
Asbestos and Mould removal

Post-Remediation Verification or Clearance for Occupation

  • Inspection after remediation or decontamination has been undertaken
  • Determines whether space can be reoccupied or is safe to occupy
Preparing for a mould inspection

Screening Assessment

  • Limited sampling plan to assess if an issue is present that  
  • warrants further inspection or action.  
  • Consultation
Home Moisture testing

Other Services

Cotton swab test for mould

Safeguard your wellbeing and security by availing of our asbestos survey and testing services. Our services detect and pinpoint any asbestos-containing materials present in your premises, guaranteeing that they are handled and disposed of safely.

Home mould formation

Breathe freely with our mould and bacteria contamination assessment and inspection services. We assist you in recognizing and resolving any problems that may be affecting your indoor air quality, enabling you to enjoy a healthier environment.

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